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The Birth of a Hat: Bucket Hats

The bucket hat was born from very humble beginnings. bucket hats bucket hats ll cool j bucket hats Origins: The hat has evolved from its inception as a standard issue hat used to protect the necks of the Israeli Defense Force troops battling in the desert sun in the 1940’s to something much more. As time passed the hat has evolved into one of the most versatile hat options that has ever been created. The hat has been glorified throughout the years in movies and television shows. Most notably in the television series Gilligan’s Island where the lead character Gilligan rocked his iconic bucket hat in every episode. The hat was also prominently featured on Hunter S. Thompson’s character from the movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" where it became Johnny Depp’s trademark style. The bucket hats were also the trademark style that Hunter S. Thompson himself was known for. The bucket hat has become so popular due to how incredibly versatile it is. Depending on how you sport your hat it can communicate so much. It can help you stay comfortable and cool while at the same time can add some necessary glam and style to your wardrobe. No matter who has worn bucket hats over years from the hot desert soldiers to the emerging hip hop artists of the 20th century like LL Cool J, the bucket hat has always been on the forefront of style and function. The bucket hat’s popularity peaked in the 1980’s but has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity. Bucket hats will one day take its place in the Hat Hall of Fame. bucket hats bucket hats _1299486964_7 bucket 21 Styles: Bucket hats have such a unique and iconic style that stays true to its early designs. That iconic design has stayed the same. Something that has changed about the bucket hat however, is the many styles, colors, and materials that you can find the bucket hat in. Found in cotton, canvas, nylon, denim, polyester and other soft comfortable materials, the bucket hat provides fantastic summertime protection for your head, face, and neck. The bucket hat features little holes, known as grommets that allow ventilation for your head. The hat has never been associated with any nationality and has been worn in all cultures around the world. Made of washable, breathable material you can find a bucket hat for any style or outdoor activity. Nowadays you can find fishing hats, reversible styles, and flower-patterned, even Rasta styles. Eternal_clockThe Future: The bucket has come a long way from the heads of the Israelis battling in the desert sun. It has been donned on the heads of many iconic people in television, movies and the music industry. It is one of the most versatile hat types available today. The hat features a timeless style that has maintained its popularity for almost 70 years. The bucket hat is not going anywhere. It will continue to be a popular hat style for years to come. Depending on the style the bucket hat can be casual like a fishing hat, or can communicate untouchable glam. No matter how much the bucket hat changes, that fact remains that the bucket hat makes a statement, and it makes it loud. Check out a great bucket hat found here on     heart-of-heartsShow Your Hat Some Love: The bucket hat is like any other hat. You must take care when washing your hat to make sure the hat will stay by you side for years to come. The bucket hat is a crushable style hat so maintaining its shape is not as important as with other hat types. Check you hat’s tag for material information and to find the best cleaning method for you and your hat. Keep you and your hat happy with careful care. A soft bristle brush and some gentle cleanser could be a very good investment for you to make in prolonging the life of your hat. You can see some common hat care tips below for more information on how to keep your hat happy.       Here are some additional common hat care tips:
  • Every hat will develop its own personality and style with time. Small marks on the hat are all part of the hats life cycle and only add to its authenticity.
  • All hats can be treated with a waterproof spray if necessary
  • Some hats might shrink if they are exposed to high heat, or left out exposed to sunlight
  • A stiff brim allows your hat to be shape the way that you would like, but some hats feature a flexible brim that allows the hat to be crushed.
  • If you do not have a hat form place the hat on a bowl while it dries to keep its form.
  • The dishwasher is another viable option for washing a hat but can sometimes fade the colors of the hat,
  • Dry cleaning is also a cheap and effective way to keep your hat clean
  • If you are completely lost about hat care check the tag to find washing instructions
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