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Top 5 Summer Hats

Have you found your slice of summer paradise yet? Getting away and enjoying the warm weather means different things to all of us, but for the vast majority of summer travelers, style is an important consideration. It’s not enough just to get where you are going. You’ve got to look good while you do it! In order to help you, we here at have devised a list of our most popular summer hats this year. Let us help take the guesswork out of picking yourself out something nice. Check out the list below and be on the lookout for scorching deals that will save you money all summer long.

Summer Hats

5- Straw Summer Hats

Straw and summer have often gone hand in hand. Whether it is the wafting smell of freshly hayed hills blowing over the highway, or that big floppy brimmed hat you wear to the beach – straw is a beautiful thing. We are far from farmers here at, but we have a straw version of just about every popular summer hat for you to try on for size. Slip into something rural with our straw-hat selection, and keep that noggin cool all throughout the scorching weather.

4- Cloche hats

The cloche is a classic summer hat, and it is back in fashion with a bang this year. Perfect for a long day out on the water, sipping cool white wine and playing with the kids, this elegant and feminine summer hat is sure to fit your plans perfectly. Check out our huge cloche selection of colors and materials while supplies last, and add a little flair to your summer this year.

3- Pork Pie Hats

The pork pie is a low-crowned men’s hat that is quite a bit more formal than the other summer hats listed here. But don’t let its high style and fancy associations mislead you, because the pork pie is a fashionable solution for barbeques and ball games alike, perfect for those casual situations that might call for just a little bit of extra (though subtle) flair. Check out all the pork-pies we’ve been stocking up on in our wide selection!

2- Safari Style Summer Hats

For those of you who have extensive outdoor plans this summer, the Safari may be the perfect summer hat for all your endeavors. Exquisitely protective, exotic, and fun, the safari hat is a great summer hat for making a unique statement as you embark on an adventure.

1- Trucker Hats

One of the most popular, universally loved, and practical summer hats available is the humble trucker hat. Unassuming, made for maximum breathability, and relatively inexpensive, the trucker hat has become a symbol of casual American summer fashion. With a whole galaxy of colors and styles, has one of the internet’s largest collection of summer trucker hats. So before you hit the road, make sure to pick yourself out something from our amazing selection.
However you decide to spend this summer, make sure you do it in style! Your friends here at will be here to help you out every step of the way.
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