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Our Top Trending Spring Hats

The sun is beaming. Spring Hats to the rescue. accessories-84528_640

Spring is simply the best time of the year. No more cold days bundled inside, now that the birds are chirping and at last the world has grown lush and vivid. In this wondrous season it’s not just the flowers that are in bloom- all of those lovely spring outfits that have been tucked away in musty wardrobes for half the year can finally come out and be seen! Whatever your style, there is no better way to top off your vernal fashion statement than with a hat perfectly suited to the glorious beauties of springtime.

Let’s take a look at what is in this year.

        IMG_1180   IMG_0496

  Wide brim floppy hats

The sun grows hotter every day as summer approaches, and wide brim hats are the practical and stylish alternative to unfashionable sunburn. For all the ladies headed to the beach, the wide-brim floppy hat is the ideal accessory. Providing 360 degrees of shade, these hats droop slightly like the petals of a great flower—tasteful yet attention-grabbing.

IMG_1804 Pork pie hats

Just because something is old doesn't mean it is old-fashioned! Pork Pies are a classic men’s hat from the nineteen twenties that are experiencing a roaring renaissance this spring. This look gives men a certain urbanity, a man-about-town swagger that speaks of refinement and gentlemanly taste- a perfect fit for your next spring cocktail party.

IMG_1443 Bowler hats

Popularized by English nobility, bowler hats are the ultimate symbol of the cosmopolitan gentleman out for a dignified nightcap. Another classic in men’s headwear, these rounded crowns are perfect for costume parties, or for those confidently strutting the ‘retro’ look this spring. A nice felt bowler could be worn at the bar, a wedding, or shopping, and is sure to draw attention from ladies for its soft felt feel and dashing, romantic connotations.

IMG_1452 Panama Hats

The name has it wrong, as these suave hats are actually of Ecuadorian origin. No matter, these svelte symbols of refinement are truly cool on an international scale, and make the wearer appear like a confident man of the world preparing for a globe-trotting safari to warm climates. Because they are often made of straw, the Panama hat is very lightweight and breathes well, making it ideal for outdoor activities like a stroll through the park. Or, if you are feeling more adventurous, a nice panama hat can make a five mile hike seem like a trek to Machu Picchu.


Spring hat fashion is designed to be light in both weight and color, and serves the important purpose of keeping you cool. First and foremost, a good light material is necessary for daytime, outdoor hats, as that will be where the new spring sun is at its most fearsome. After dark, the heavier material hats are great for enjoying cocktails or dancing as the day winds down. Whatever your particular flair or style, we have a hat to suit it, so take the plunge and make this spring a trendy one!

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