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Veterans Day Sale 2018

Now that Halloween has passed us by, it is time to start thinking about the next holiday. They come fast and frequent these days, so you’d best prepare in advance. November 10-12 brings us Veteran’s Day weekend this year, a time we set aside to remember and honor the men and women who have served our country in its many armed conflicts across the world. Not all heroes wear capes after all, and those who have laid down their lives for our country deserve our respect and admiration, and that is what this day is all about, after all. In order to help you remember these brave men and women in early November, we are launching a Veterans Day sale this year. From November 3rd to November 7th, we are slashing a whopping 25% off of your cart. No need to punch in a coupon, just fill up with all the hats and accessories you want and checkout. A quarter of the price will be taken off automatically! Now let’s see what we have in store, soldier!

Veterans Day Sale

25% OFF! Veterans Day Sale!!

Veteran’s Embroidered Caps

Being a Veteran can be lonely. The best thing you can do for a lot of the guys who have served in a particular conflict is to help them find other people who shared that traumatic experience. For this reason, our embroidered Veterans hats showcasing the wearer’s experience are always some of our most popular items during the annual Veterans Day Sale. A hat that says “Vietnam Veteran” can help connect people who might otherwise not realize that they share an important part of their past.

Military style hats

One of the coolest ways to celebrate the coming Veterans Day is to get a little martial in your dress accessories. With cool camo Veterans hats, you are not only prepared for hunting season, but you are also emulating the sweet style of the military. Camo comes in a lot of shapes and colors, so be sure to check out the cadet and berets selection. If you can spot it, that is!

Conflict patches

Another cool idea, particularly if you have a Veteran in your life who you’d like to get a nice gift for, conflict patches. Have a son who was in Desert Storm? Why not get him a few patches for his gym bag? Who knows, he might encounter some others at the gym who have similar stories and strike up a friendship!

Patriotic Caps

At the end of the day, Veteran’s Day is a great excuse for some patriotic displays! Why not honor the stars and stripes with a hat that is as All-American as you are? Whatever style of hat or beanie, we are happy to deck it out with a bit of Old Glory, just in time for the Veterans Day Sale!

However you decide to honor these all-important men and women, make sure to set aside some time to do just that this Veteran’s Day. And if you are in need of any thoughtful gifts for the old soldier in your life, we have Veterans Day Sale to help you out!

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