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Waldo Hat Mario Brothers Costume Guide

Waldo Hat October is here and the world has gone spooky once again! Children and adults alike are filled with the awe and magic that descends on us at the start of what is sure to be another memorable holiday season. Those of us who have been around the block a time or two know that now is indeed the time to start planning for your Halloween costume. If you find yourself running fresh out of novel ideas for this year’s dress up, we here at the internet’s most haunting hat department are chomping at the bit to help you out with some unique and inspired ideas. In particular this week, we present two beloved characters perfect for any child or parent searching for an easy to throw together and awesome Halloween costume. Stay tuned for Mario and Waldo Hat!

Waldo Hat

Waldo Hat Waldo HatWaldo HatWaldo Hat Waldo is a world-famous and much-beloved character, and though he can be awfully hard to find in his natural environment, his costume and accessories are only a click away! That enigmatic stripped shirt, scarf, and glasses are an easy to create, quick and fun costume. And let’s not forget his celebrated Waldo Hat! We here at the internet’s most colorful hat assortment have a large stock of the barber-pole beanie that made Waldo so instantly recognizable (if you’ve got a keen eye, that is). For the ladies out there, we also have some Wenda costumes. She is sort of the female incantation of Waldo. With a fully decked out costume such as this, you might be easy to spot, but you’ll also be able to blend in at any stylish Halloween party or costume soiree. Check out our Waldo Hat today and find the thing that you’ve been searching for while supplies still last!

Super Mario Brothers hats

Waldo Hat Waldo HatWaldo HatWaldo Hat If Waldo hats simply aren’t your thing, we’ve got more ideas for you to try on for size this Halloween season. The Mario Bros universe is simply swimming with excellent costume ideas for kids and adults. The whole concept of Mario and Luigi is weird and wonderful in itself – two (questionably Italian) brothers who are also, for some reason, plumbers. One day they fall into a world of flying turtles, fireballs, and these odd sentient mushrooms called Goombas. The point is, the creativity of this franchise is perfect for someone looking for an outlandish and yet instantly recognizable costume for their Halloween monster mash. Grab one of these well-worn newsboy hats and go as Mario, Luigi, evil brother Wario, or even just pick up a fake mustache and use it for your own original idea. The possibilities are endless in the mushroom kingdom. Just don’t forget to pick up the princess!
Waldo Hat Whether you decide to go as a much beloved and recognizable character this Halloween, or make up your own wild and unique character to traipse around as on the special occasion, make sure to start planning your costume sooner rather than later. The early bird, as they say, always gets the worm!
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