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Green Monday Sale - 2017

Black Friday has already blown through, hopefully having left you with some sweet new gear for your home or wardrobe. But you certainly aren’t tired of the colorfully named days just yet, are you? We hope not because it is nearly time to make way for the so-called “Green Monday.” Green Monday is pretty much the same as Cyber Monday, except that it falls on the second Monday of the month. While a Green Monday Sale may seem a little obscure, the savings definitely aren’t. You can get 25% off site-wide just by using the coupon code “e4hats25”. So strap yourself in for a shopping extravaganza, and get those Christmas presents sorted with your friends here at Let’s look at what is flying off the shelves this holiday season. Green Monday Sale

Here are Our Selected Hats for Green Monday Sale

Christmas Costume Hats

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? The closer we get to Christmas, the more we see images of Chris Cringle appearing across the landscape. Now you can get in on the joy and cheer of Santa with some iconic christmas hats from We can’t help you pack the pounds you’ll need to complete the look, but you are sure to give some good memories to any children who meet you. Just be ready to make a list and check it twice – kids are getting demanding these days. But if the lead role isn’t your thing, you can step back from the spotlight and be one of Santa’s little helpers. That’s right, elf hats are also to be found in our wide selection. Pick yourself out something festive during our Green Monday sale, and let the yule-tide cheer wash over you.

Christmas Embroidered Beanies

This Christmas season is sure to be a cold one, so you’ll want to take advantage of our Green Monday Sale in order to bundle up against the frosty air. Embroidered beanies make a great stocking stuffer and can keep that noggin toasty warm through all the snow glistening in the lane. Not only are they warm, but we custom embroider them for your pleasure. If you can dream it we can sew it on to a beanie!

Christmas Party Hats

Christmas is a great time to let your hair down. But if you don’t have long hair, it might be time to check out a pair of reindeer horns! Our Green Monday sale is a great time to get a bit silly with your fashion accessories. After all, the discounts mean you are free to experiment with your heart’s content!
However you decide to celebrate the season, our Green Monday sale is a great excuse to make it special with a few choice items. That little bit of flair can go a long way to making the Christmas memories unique and vivid for years to come. Let us help you get equipped with the exact fashion accessories you are looking for this holiday season. Merry Christmas to all our friends out there!
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