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Have You Picked Out Your Halloween Costume Yet?

Halloween Costumes | Waldo, Wenda | Having trouble conjuring up a brilliant idea for your Halloween costume? Why not consult the wonderful world of popular culture? Video games, movies and books provide plenty of possible outfits to weigh and consider. The characters from popular media have the benefit of being instantly recognizable and often are rather easy to recreate with a simple hat or particular prop. Here at, we have embraced two of our favorite characters from the world of nostalgic pop culture: Waldo of the “Where’s Waldo” books and the incomparable Mario of video game lore. Being two of our darling iconic characters, our one stop shop for headwear has invested in a huge stock of costume pieces to pay homage to these monumental figures loved by children and adults the world over.  

Waldo and Wenda Halloween Costumes

Waldo Costumes | Wenda Costumes | There is no need to search any further! If you grew up in the 90’s or had loved ones who did, then the elusive Waldo (or Wally, to you Britons) needs no introduction. For the rest of you, Waldo is one of the most recognizable and beloved characters in all the world of children’s literature. Popularized by British Artist Martin Handford, finding Waldo and his striped suit has given hours of joy (and frustration) to a generation. Not only has this iconic look appeared in a multitude of spinoffs, but it seems to be almost a cultural meme, with recreations and events dedicated to the characters popping up across the Western world. Thankfully, this is an easy to throw together costume which people will recognize easily. Couples shouldn’t forget that Waldo has a girlfriend named Wenda with the same fashion sensibilities – obviously a match made in heaven.  

Mario and Luigi Hat Halloween Costumes

Mario Hat | Mario Halloween Costume | Luigi Costume Hat | Luigi Hat | Mario Embroidered Cap | Halloween Costume | Luigi Halloween Hat | Halloween Costume | Fake Mustaches Costume | Halloween Costume | Pink Mustaches | Halloween Costumes | Who could not love the improbable heroes of video game lore? These two brothers started it all with their weird and wacky antics way back when video games first became a thing. Any of us who grew up with a NES system on the family TV need only hear the first few notes of the score to be whisked away to stirring memories of Sunday mornings stomping Goombas, eating coins, and fighting a giant reptilian villain! The costume possibilities here are endless. Don’t forget that these two brothers have awesome mustaches and are (for some strange reason) also plumbers. So why not pay homage to this duo with some sweet Mario Hats and Luigi Hats from (mushrooms definitely not included). Halloween Designed Beanies | Halloween Costume | Nostalgia is a powerful human emotion. When we remember the beloved figures and icons of our past, what we are really remembering is that wistful time period of growing up. When you see a Waldo book and feel that tugging at your heartstrings, what you are actually feeling is a longing for the simpler time of your childhood. These characters come to emblemize a period in your life which you can never truly get back. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use this lovely holiday to take a trip down memory lane with a costume dedicated to a memorable figure from your salad days!
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