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Halloween Theme Costume Hats

Halloween Essentials | Halloween Hat Costumes   Humans have been dressing up in costumes for a long time. Whether the dramatic masks of ancient Greece or the caved Tikis of the South Pacific, the need for playful disguise is a deep part of human psychology. When we become someone or something else, there is a lowering of inhibitions and a sense that one can act freely. All of this makes for a great Halloween Theme Costume Party! These days, dress-up parties are reserved for a few select holidays, Halloween being the biggest and most exciting. So, how prepared are you for the festivities? Keep in mind that no costume can be complete without an appropriate hat to tie the whole thing together. Check out our special Halloween hats for some novel ideas if your creativity is running a bit dry. Whatever it is, we here at have got you covered.  

Animal Costumes

Piglet Hat Costume | e4Hats | Animal Costumes Panda Hat Costume | e4Hats | Animal Costumes Penguin Hat Costume | e4Hats | Animal Costumes Fish Hat Costume | e4Hats | Animal Costumes The animal kingdom is rife with furry and fabulous choices for fancy dress parties. The sexy mystique of a fox or a jaguar is perfect for getting in touch with your wild side this Halloween. Less traditional choices include our hilarious moose head complete with a set of antlers that will ensure you are the alpha of the herd, or a silly crab hat that will make you the most fashionable crustacean under the sea. The more cutesy animals like the penguin and the panda are here too. We have a creature to match any personality type—welcome to the jungle baby!

Food and Drink Costumes

Pizza Hat Costume | e4Hats | Animal Costumes Hambuger Hat Costume | e4Hats | Animal Costumes Hot Dog Hat Costume | e4Hats | Animal Costumes Got Beer Hat Costume | e4Hats | Animal Costumes Why not a culinary homage this Halloween? After all, dressing up like a pungent piece of garlic or an all American hotdog is a simple and easy way to enjoy the festivities without investing too much time, effort, or money this October. We have a menagerie of scrumptious articles to choose from, so whet your appetite on what brings to the table. We promise not to leave you hungry!

Military / Police Costumes

Military / Police Costumes Military Hat Costume | e4Hats | Military / Police Costumes Military Hat Costume | e4Hats | Military / Police Costumes If you are feeling a bit more bellicose this fall, we have a wonderful formation of military garb to set off your totally rocking military outfit. Assault your local Halloween bash with the classic pith helmet of the British military, or tie off your sexy cop outfit with a police hat that shows you mean business. While our hats may imbue you with a sense of authority, don’t let the power go to your head as you stuff your face with candy corn.

Halloween Theme

 Happy Halloween | Animal Hat Costumes Cat Hat Costume | e4Hats | Animal Costumes Cat Hat Costume | e4Hats | Animal Costumes Should you have your own unique idea for a spooky or strange Halloween costume, we here at can help you make it a reality. Check out our wild and wonderful assortment of costume and fancy dress accessories. From the sequined left glove of a King of Pop outfit, to a full novelty beard for you lumberjack heartthrobs out there, we’ve got the little extras to make your disguise come alive on All Hallows Eve! It’s a grab bag of goodies, so get yours before the holiday passes us by.
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