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New Embroidered Hats

Spring is in the air, and with the return of flowers and warm days, a change of wardrobe is in the cards for many people across the world. With spring cleaning comes increased closet space, and what better way to fill it up than with our custom new embroidered hats from
If you can think it up, we will slap it on a hat and ship it to you. Never before has such a wealth of customization options been at the tip of your fingers. With the power of the internet, and your friends here at offices of, having it your way becomes a push-button enterprise!

Embroidered Hats

Here are Our New Embroidered Hats

Shamrock Embroidered Hats

St. Patrick’s Day is nearly here, and a great idea for a new embroidered hat is the universal symbol for all things Irish. This four-leaf clover will endow you with the luck of the Emerald Isle (and a pinch free Paddy’s Day). With high quality material and low prices, you can’t go wrong with this gem!

Mario Beanies

If you love Comic Con as much as we do, but find yourself without the time or energy for the huge, elaborate costumes, we’ve got some simple new embroidered hats ideas for you to try on for size. Mario is probably the most classic and easy to throw together costume for any game oriented events in your life. Check out our beanie with that enigmatic “M” stitched on to the front. Now just a few gold coins on our store!

Military Patch Embroidered Hats

Do you have pride in your nation’s military? Well, now you can show off that feeling, soldier! With one of our new custom embroidered hats, featuring your favorite branch of our armed services hats, you’ll be standing at attention in no time at all. Drop and give me 15.99!

Patriotic Hats

Wherever you hail from, chances are that home conjures up all kind of warm feelings. Now, you can fly your flag high with our new embroidered hats featuring the national symbol of your choice. Whether it is the good old red white and blue, or any other vexillological specimen, we can slap it on a cap for you post haste!

However you decide to celebrate the coming of another spring, make sure to put a little zip in your wardrobe this year. The flowers shouldn’t be the only thing blossoming in the next few months. With the new custom embroidered hat choices from our wide selection, you can make it “just so” this spring, and express your own special unique flavor all through the year. Just let us handle the stitching!

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