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St. Patrick's Day Hats

The weather is getting warmer every day here in the States, and the first blossoms can be seen tentatively budding out to bloom. That’s right folks, there is a bit of spring in the air these days, and it is coming along just in time for one of our favorite spring holidays: St Patrick ’s Day. Saturday, March 17th marks the occasion this year, and there are sure to be parades, corn-beef hash, and a whole lot of green beer to celebrate. While we fancy ourselves blessed with the luck of the Irish here at, we’ve been painting the warehouse green with a whole bundle of St. Patrick's Day Hats for every lass and laddie to enjoy. So grab a pint of Guinness and head on over to our wide selection. Just follow the rainbow to our pot of gold!

St. Patrick's Day Hats

Here are Our St. Patrick's Day Hats

Irish Caps

The Irish have a lot of pride in their heritage, and in the old Emerald Isle itself. Now you can grab a St. Patrick’s Day hat that showcases that pride for all to see. From the subtle to the full-blown “Kiss me I’m Irish,” There is a hat to suit your level of Irish Bravado.

Clover Beanies

The ancient island of Hibernia holds many secrets, but what isn’t such a big secret is that it is absolutely covered in clover (usually known as shamrock to the locals). But before you get bogged down in botanical details, head on over and pluck yourself a beanie featuring this timeless symbol of Ireland, just in time for your St. Patrick day Celebration.

Green Hats

The last thing you want, come to St. Patrick’s Day, is to be singled out for a pinch due to your lack of green! Now you add a bit of verdant flair to your wardrobe, courtesy of the lads here at and our selection of emerald St. Patrick’s Day Hats. While we definitely won’t be supplying any green beer this year, if you are looking to deck yourself out with a green hat or accessory, we’ve got you well covered.

Novelty Hats

One of the best aspects of St. Patrick’s Day is the freedom to cut loose and get a little silly with things. While it may be somewhat of a serious holiday in some circles, for most of us in the States it is just an excuse to party and act a bit wacky without all the associated guilt and inhibitions. With that in mind, we’ve got a crazy assortment of St. Patrick’s Day Hats - novelty hats just waiting to spice up your night.

However you decide to paint the town green this St. Patrick’s Day, make sure you take the time to enjoy yourself a bit. Whether that means boilermakers and dancing in the street, or a quiet barbeque at home with the kids, we here at want to support your fun with a weird and wacky St. Patrick's Day Hats or accessories. With some luck of the Irish, you’ll have a fantastic time!

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